A video surveillance system consists of many parts and devices made by various manufacturers. The installer or system integrator who has delivered the system to you knows all parts of your system. Therefore, contact your system supplier to get help if you have any problems. Our resellers are experts that have been trained to help with any problems related to the use of the system.

For Mirasys resellers and channel partners

A contact person - normally in the local Mirasys sales office - has been assigned to Mirasys resellers. In case of any problems, you can email or call your assigned contact person to get help, or you can use the Mirasys Service Desk.

The Mirasys Service Desk is a web based customer support system for submitting technical support requests to Mirasys.

The advantage of the Mirasys Service Desk is the transparency of the process. It is easy to see the status of each submitted request. When creating a new request, it is clear what kind of information is required for Mirasys to be of most help. It is also very easy to add information and comments, log files, screenshots, etc., to the request.

Mirasys Service Desk login / sign up for an account.

Software maintenance

Mirasys provides its customers with a Software Maintenance Agreement, SMA, which ensures that all of the components function seamlessly within the system during its whole life cycle. It ensures predictable, lowest total-cost-of-ownership over the full lifecycle of the software. All system updates, whether they are small or extensive, are free of charge for the SMA customers.

By keeping the software up-to-date, you can rest assured that the latest hardware and software components (such as new cameras, new operating systems) work in your environment.

Mirasys SMA provides also seamless transition from analogue to IP surveillance, by allowing customers to gradually move licenses allocated for existing analog cameras to new IP cameras.

Mirasys product videos in Vimeo

Our R&D department produce new technical videos regularly and group them into release portfolios. Mirasys VMS version 7 has the below release portfolios available

Release 7.5
- videos like "Storyboard" and "New features in 7.5 release"

Release 7.4
- videos like "7.4.3 Usability", "Spotter as media player", "PTZ control enhancemants", "Bookmarks in Spotter", "Mixed playback mode"

Release 7.3
- videos like "User roles", "Layout list tree and scheduled layouts", "Fixed camera grids", "Profile tree search"

Release 7.2
- videos like "Activity Map", "360 camera support", "Picture attachment in e-mail settings", "VCA visualisation", "VCA configurator license", "Best features of 7.2 release"

Release 7.0
- videos like "Adding logos to exported video clips", "Alarms in Spotter", "AVM basic usage", "AVM installation and configuration"

General Portfolio
- videos like "How to create and activate license", "Spotter introduction", "DVMS installation" and "ANPR+ installation and basic configuration"