Easy, open, dedicated

Mirasys is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS) for IP and analog camera surveillance applications and systems. We develop and supply solutions that help organizations manage and utilize information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras. Mirasys systems are used in more than 40 countries by sectors like law enforcement and city surveillance, retail store chains and outlets, manufacturing, transport and logistics, educational institutes, sports and entertainment, banking, utility and healthcare sectors, just to name few.

Camera surveillance systems are increasingly used in non-security applications too such as understanding consumer behavior and buying patterns, or in day centers, care homes and hospitals for locating personnel and customers. Our solution can provide everything from security and protection to operational efficiency in one package.

Mirasys was founded in 1997 and is privately owned. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates through sales offices and Mirasys representatives globally in cooperation with leading distributors, system integrators, security service providers and system manufacturers.

More than 70.000 customers use Mirasys systems with nearly one million cameras.

The Mirasys Advantage - decide today but keep your future possibilities open

Independent company with an open platform approach:

Unlike with many other VMS solutions, with Mirasys VMS you will never be locked to a single manufacturer or camera type. Mirasys is a fully open and manufacturer independent solution that is easy to integrate with cameras, other devices, and systems from third party suppliers and other manufacturers.

For example, Mirasys supports over 2.000 validated IP camera models from leading manufacturers, thousands of compatible camera models and all analog cameras, and any type of Video Content Analysis (VCA) system or algorithm can be integrated with Mirasys VMS.

Easiness brings efficiency:

Ease of use, deployment, installation, license handling and system management. For example, intuitive use of VMS decreases the overall training costs and helps faster decision making in an alarm situation.

Unrivaled scalability and modularity:

The system scales effortlessly along with your businesses and needs. Whether your surveillance requirement is for a two server video surveillance system or a wide, city spanning complex for video and audio surveillance combined with access control and intelligent video analytics, we have the best expertise to create the solution that fits your needs.

The beauty of the Mirasys solution is in its open modularity. Each server can act independently, or as a part of a network of any kind controlled by a Master server - or do both at once. All our solutions are inherently modular. You can add, remove, split and evolve the system freely, without artificial hindrances. Or, if you need, you can simultaneously use the system in any possible combinations of Mirasys servers.

Dedication to improve customer benefits:

Mirasys VMS is a constantly developed open system. New technologies and advances in the surveillance industry are incorporated into its core design. Mirasys solution owners can reap all the economic and technological advances in the industry - now and in the future.

Working at Mirasys

Having several offices and partners around the world, Mirasys has an international working culture and atmosphere. At Mirasys you can do inspiring work and challenge yourself. You can enjoy working in pleasant and flexible atmosphere with experienced and great colleagues.

We want to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations through open communication and focus in doing our best in execution, support and management. Continuous learning and sharing information with others play an important role in our day to day activities. We treat all alike. We are fair, proactive and transparent. If we promise, we commit to deliver on it.

If you're interested in working with Mirasys, please email your application and CV to jobs(at)mirasys.com