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Mirasys – intelligence for video surveillance.

A market leader in Finland with growing international influence.

We create intelligent security

Companies and organisations are increasingly interested in utilising surveillance cameras actively and effectively to support their daily operations. We develop and offer comprehensive solutions, which help organizations manage, analyse and utilise video image data as extensively as possible.


  • Mirasys Video Management Solutions are used in over forty countries.
  • More than 70.000 customers use Mirasys systems.
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Mirasys systems are used by sectors like law enforcement and city surveillance, retail store chains and outlets, manufacturing, transport and logistics, educational institutes, sports and entertainment, banking, utility and healthcare sectors, just to name a few. Our solution can provide everything from security and protection to operational efficiency in one package.

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Ease of use and integration

Mirasys is a fully open and manufacturer independent solution that is easy to integrate with cameras, other devices, and systems from third party suppliers and other manufacturers.

Unlike with many other VMS solutions, with Mirasys VMS you will never be locked to a single manufacturer or camera type.

  • Integrability
  • Simple installation
  • Easy management
  • Cost efficiency


Scalable and easy to use Video Management System

Our system is easy to install, and it is simple to manage. The system scales effortlessly along with your businesses and needs.

The TruStore technology in the Mirasys system offers the possibility for an unlimited amount of storage space. This enables the customer's system to be designed freely using the devices that best meet the customer's needs.

TruStream efficiently utilizes camera multi-streaming features and thus enables to view more simultaneous video streams also in a less powerful workstation.

  1. No need to travel for maintenance
  2. Preprogramming makes installation faster
  3. Cameras and applications can be installed before servers are delivered
  4. The user interface can be modified
  5. User profiles are easy to create and manage
  6. Web user interface offers access to the system on desktop, tablet and phone

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Scalable to different industries

The needs, applications and, for example, integration requirements of different industries often differ significantly. In addition, companies face very different operational and functional changes, which sets its own demands on the scalability and flexibility of the video management system during its life cycle.

Over 70.000 customers from different industries from different parts of the world use our system. In fact, the basis of our product development is to produce more versatile and efficient solutions to meet the needs and challenges of our different customers.

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Mirasys is a growing market leader

Mirasys is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS) for IP and analog camera surveillance applications and systems. We develop and supply solutions that help organizations manage and utilize information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras. Mirasys systems are used in more than 40 countries by sectors like law enforcement and city surveillance, retail store chains and outlets, manufacturing, transport and logistics, just to name few. More than 70.000 customers use Mirasys systems with nearly one million cameras.

Mirasys was founded in 1997, based in Helsinki and is privately owned.

Continuous learning and sharing information with others play an important role in our day to day activities. We treat all alike. We are fair, proactive and transparent. If we promise, we commit to deliver on it.

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