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The open platform Mirasys Video Management System (VMS) can be easily adapted from the needs of one small site to an entity that includes tens of thousands of cameras. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products and our expertise, we can create a solution that suits the needs of our customer perfectly. Mirasys supports thousands of camera models, and our solution can be easily integrated with third party systems.

With everything we do, we focus on ease of use: our system is easy to install, and it is simple to manage. Mirasys does not bind its customers to specific hardware solutions; instead it allows for the customer to make the choices that are the most suitable and cost-effective at that moment.


New generation
Mirasys Video Management System

With the Mirasys VMS V8, you can centrally manage and maintain the system, and update servers, client applications, and drivers. In particular, the maintenance and management of the networked video management systems will be significantly enhanced. This saves travel and installation time when the system maintenance does not require traveling to the sites. Improvements that save installation work include also templates that can be used to import the required data faster to the system. Servers can be preconfigured and cameras and applications pre-installed before the servers are delivered to the sites.

The modern user interface can also be customized according to individual needs, which will improve the user experience. User profiles are easy to create, manage, and change, allowing each user to have a unique operating interface that is right for him / her, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

The HTML5 based new user interfaces makes it easy to use the Mirasys system regardless of the device or location.

The new Mirasys VMS V8 scales to a wide variety of environments and even exceeds the requirements of frame and bit rates set by new camera technologies. For example the TruStore technology in the Mirasys V8 system offers the possibility for an unlimited amount of storage space. This enables the customer's system to be designed freely using the devices that best meet the customer's needs.

In Version 8, Mirasys TruCast (a direct video streaming possibility from a camera to a workstation or Mirasys AVM digital matrix) is complemented by a TruStream feature that automatically selects the video stream that is optimal for your screen’s display area. TruStream efficiently utilizes camera multi-streaming features and thus enables to view more simultaneous video streams also in a less powerful workstation.

In Version 8, Mirasys brings a whole new dimension to system integration and application development through a new, modern HTTP programming interface.

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The Hardware product selection combines the Mirasys software with carefully selected equipment. These ready-to-use product packages provide excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and quality either for hybrid or network video server needs..

Mirasys will do its utmost to offer a competitive range of products. Well-known brands and standardised PC components enable easy local maintenance and updates.

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